@YumiharaRex here. the only way to play this is in a virtual machine, because it's very old. In Windows XP works fine. But there is.

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well, this is the texture files i extracted from the messy 'hentai bar' mode. whatever they make is a total mess. i try to fix the textures, to make more apresentable, and sure, put some pics but more like a mural, and no a simple pic cover the entire wall. is just a experiment.

i make another texture change with another piece i have, just for fun. this is awesome XD - the zombie girl is made by @AtnogH - pixiv.net/en/artworks/92739424

much love <3

I'm not a GTA SA modder but the pic is kinda cool XD - the pic of the gorgeous mexican girl is made by @HazardHead69

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