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i found it: Design Doll from Terawell Software. You can download a free version and you all set.

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Thanks to those who made the pieces: @HazardHead69 @AtnogH (this one was so perfect that it became my avatar XD), @highwizard @KisekiTemiro and @Efapper You guys are awesome!

Happy New Year to everyone and stay safe! Protect yourselves and good luck on the battlefields!

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Hey guys! I organized my Trello with ideas i can draw. You can check it out, is in my bio. You can send here your idea too. Just tell me: what so you want for request? just for remind you, i'm not a professional, i just make this for fun XD and i need a time to do.

Well, another work done! Now, let's finished Tohru. Geez, i'm late!!

I have a Twitter, but with another username, not my usual. Is only for follow artists. But for very reasons, i don't tell what is the name. The platform is toxic, that's the reason i stay in Baraag. If you try to find some cesarfabro96 nick in twitter, i have deleted forever.

I wouldn’t be a good little commie if I didn’t share my gifts with you guys.

Here’s a gift from moi friend, the always fabulous @xierra099 !
She also though to include a version that can’t be shown on TV!

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discord poll winner mari from omori!

might redraw her again later down the line

Aloe from Interspecies Reviewers anime (another monster girl, same as that zombie girl, a hot fairy)

i found it: Design Doll from Terawell Software. You can download a free version and you all set.

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Is anyone know a good alternative software like poser? let me know here please, thank you :)

Three more weeks til 22 (Just a lil nude edit I did) Please save your submissions until June. Tag as or pm me your submissions. :3

And I've also been coming home late and tired from work, which I can't even touch the drawings. So, next time, when I finish the ones I have, I'll focus on one theme at a time, even if I make a few packs of drawings.

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But why all at once? I confess that when I created this giveaway of themes, I did everything in a hurry and it was very poorly explained and ended up changing everything without explaining. So, to be more fair, I decided to stop these spins, taking whatever themes the roulette says.

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I have already decided to draw the remaining three themes for the next ones. Sakura is already cocked for me to start. The winning themes are:

• Megumin (Konosuba)
• Flamper the zombie girl (Interspecies reviewers)
• Tribute to Twistedgrim;

With that, I already have the themes for me to draw. If you have another theme idea, DM me! I'd love to see your suggestion!

i never make a cum effect in digital. i tried in my pin up but the result is not good. very ugly and poor. is anyone know a technique to share how to do this? may can fix in my draw and use for the next. let me know please!

Tohru Lineart (almost complete). The most complicate for me is the right hand. The first try is in perspective, but in the end, they turned into a Thano's hand. Too big! And then, finished with a simple hand (i found some references and works fine). Then, i insert some details on hair. Now, put nipples, navel and a pussy for complete the doll! The background is going to be a bathroom, like the anime. XD

The Tohru is not done... Need to make the backgrounds and coloring everything, but i very lost my time in my job, is very frustrating now. Goddamn...

The next draw i want to do is: Sakura, from Street Fighter Alpha 2. This is the theme winning the second round on random draw rounds.

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