draw hands for me it's terrible. first mistake you need to erase and try again. 😑

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And no, don't have sexual themes. It's just a uncommon situation i ever see in a YT video. Another draw for you.

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Okay, I'm currently working on my first visual novel. The story is nothing special, it's about an 11-year-old girl who asked to have her navel pierced. The drawings of the canvases I've been doing so far. And Ankh Team is a group I created for games (one-person group, great). Here's the link if you're interested (it's in Portuguese as I'm from Brazil): ankhteam.gamejolt.io/little_gi

i have all the night to organize my hentai collection. i have a lot, some 300... god damn...

I don't have a Twitter anymore. Why? Is pure a garbage with toxic people. So fuck this, and Facebook, Instagram too. I have a Twitter, because Tumblr taken down any porn related posts. Well... Back to... Nothing?

There is another one, this is made by @Efapper , so gorgeous and funny. Thanks for the commission!

Yeah... I admit. I love this zombie girl from Interspecies Reviewers. The only one I love. But why is it? And thanks to @highwizard for making this loli version of the zombie. It was so cute!

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