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Friendly reminder: all my art is purely fictional.
Is insane how some people think artists "want to have sex with animals" if they draw furry, or that if they draw loli/shota then they're attracted to minors.
In my case I can say I just love certain fictional characters due their personalities, and sometimes they just happen to be animal based characters, alien, fantasy creatures, etc. Erotic art is a healthy way to channel fantasies you know they are impossible in real ife, for me at least.

It's always a good time to remind that trading off your #Privacy or #Freedom for #Security is the fastest way to never getting them back.

In times of extreme fear or worrying, beware!

Probably I'm the only one person in the whole world whose biggest childhood dream was this one! ๐Ÿคฃ
But in case you have a similar dream, take this advice, it's a good one!

Not very explicit, but this is the only drawing I've finished cos I've had a hard week, and today and yesterday my eye hurt! :(
I don't know what happened to my eye but it hurts a lot, I'll try to rest a bit and I hope tomorrow it's better.
At least I could be able to finish this at the today!

Esta imagen, me gustรณ para reflexionar sobre racismo.

Las estrellas de mar saben convivir sin importar su color de piel.

ยกDejemos que la naturaleza nos enseรฑe! #racismo


Today I saw a video with a British Guy in it that reminded me my original character Jupiter...And it's more fitting for the character than Richard Hammond! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Shame it's a video with real people in it so I can't link it here, but I can't help talking about it!
It was so hot when the guy said "oh my god" with that British accent cos I imagined my character saying it! Ooooh mon Dieu !! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ

I have no computer and my brother's one is also having trouble now. So I've been doing earrings this last weekend.

I havenโ€™t been really productive lately. Most of the things I tried failed so I decided to do a small pause.
But the new #SequencialSummerSlam has just been announced and this year, it will be a two pages long comics about Black Widow!๐Ÿ•ท So hereโ€™s some 1st sketches!
#howtodrawcomics #htdc #blackwidow #natasha #submarine #aircraftcarrier #wreck #submarinebase #mastart #NatashaRomanoff #avengers #blackwidowmovie #fanart #comics #comicsartist #mastoart #instartist #wip #ink #inking #digitalink

To my fellow artists who just start sharing erotic art & say "don't tell me your fantasies with a cartoon character" kind of stuff:

Folks, if you draw erotic art you'll get horny comments, but that's not a bad thing.
It's cool!! It means your work of art it's great and people genuinely enjoy it! ^^
I like to talk with peeps about what we like about our fave cartoon characters, of course,as long as it's with respect and they don't get weird talking about me when we have meet just 3 days ago!XD

You know, after seeing that one episode where Ice Bear gets turned on by a girl who talks in french, I can't help feeling excited tthinking that in canon he probably talks in french when having an orgasm!!! *excited squeal*
They just don't say this on the show cos it's a rated G cartoon, but it's only logic! XD It has much sense if you think about it.

A friend asked me if I knew an horror story that would be good to tell on his art school camping, and I said "yes I know one: the black list".
And the scariest thing is...that is not a tale, is true.

Who would you like as character for Bastille Day pinup?
Sorry I'm too excited about this and I couldn't help but ask! XD
If you have a character please tell me in the comments.
I just:

1. Has to be a cartoon/game/comic character.

2. Has to be french, to fit the theme,

Hey thanks a lot folks for the support and love to my 4th of July pinup! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ
Bastille day will have a pinup art art piece too and it will be female! I think I have the perfect character for it!

I know most of peeps who follow me are American, so here a little something with my original character Wiat who is from Missouri.
Sorry, having a busy week looking up how to pay my rent I didn't have time to draw something elaborate for 4th of July. But I did it with a lot of love! โค๏ธ
He is the hoster of a Wildlife documentary show that runs with his friend Jean, who is french.

Little thingie I'm working on for July, my patrons have suggested Goldie in lingerie as the cartoon girl Pinup for this month.
Probably I'll do a couple of more poses later cos I still have a few poses in mind. I'll post them here:
If you'd like to join I'll be glad to see you there! Even the lowest tier can vote in the polls and suggest which sketch I'll turn into a finished illustration.

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