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Friendly reminder: all my art is purely fictional.
Is insane how some people think artists "want to have sex with animals" if they draw furry, or that if they draw loli/shota then they're attracted to minors.
In my case I can say I just love certain fictional characters due their personalities, and sometimes they just happen to be animal based characters, alien, fantasy creatures, etc. Erotic art is a healthy way to channel fantasies you know they are impossible in real ife, for me at least.

A genuine curious question have popped in my mind, why every French guy I find on twitter it's gay?
Not that there's something wrong with that, just that right now I'm looking to date a frenchman (or someone who talks in/it's interested on learning french and loves french at least!) who likes women cos I'm a woman and I like men.
And most importantly, why twitter recommends me them? πŸ€”
I got to the conclusion twitter only wants to make fun of my suffering right now ...

Little something I'm doing as a comission work for one of my patrons. I will make a couple of more sketches and the client will pick up one. The other sketches will be on patreon πŸ˜‰
The peeps on patreon who also comission have great discounts on comissions by the way!

I've done a couple of fairly popular characters sketches lately, so now it's the turn of underrated ones.
Here have a sketch of Freya, a pretty british lady from an obscure webcomic... πŸ˜‰ 🀭

Does some of you would like to see a Cinderella's fairygodmother's pinup?
I just have been thinking...she a very underrated character with little to zero fanart, but she's adorable! 😊

*incoming Cinderella's fairygodmother pinup nobody asked for*

It's the weekend again and I have the chance to get to lend where I can draw. So voilΓ‘ what I've drawn today!
Probably the sweetest and coolest bunny character ever!
Well, at least for me 😊
Tomorrow I plan to do more sketches of her, the more risquΓ© ones will probably be on my patreon. so feel free to join! πŸ˜‰

Remember that little story I thought of with a friend, where this friend's and get to meet ?
Well, I finally got the time to paint it! :D
I loved how he says "oh mon dieu" cos it adds cuteness to the scene ^^

To my artist folks: No need to apologize and feeling ashamed for sharing your thoughts/emotions/vent here along with the art! Or in any art site in general.
Cos it shows you're an artist, but also a HUMAN BEING with dreams, hopes, difficulties, fears, and that, my friends, it's a cool thing!
I like it cos it helps you to know better the artist you admire and love. And I much prefer an artist who talks, even if is vent, than one who makes their account look like a dropbox or google drive.

Here what I did this weekend!
Special thanks to one of my wonderful patrons who have saved me last year from being homeless when I lots my job due COVID.
I still haven't found a new job, if you like to join I'll appreciate it a lot!
Original one of this is on my patreon.

I've seen this meme around and peeps adapting it to what it fits them better, so I couldn't resist to do one for me! 🀭

Continuing with underrated characters, from "The Zeta project".
This dude was so sweet and the show he comes from was very innovative for it's time. It had such interesting plot and cool characters. Although it's heartbreaking it doesn't have an end.

Here's what I did today for my "awesome but underrated characters" theme for
This time Alan-a-Dale.
Despite having a brief role in the film, I fell in love with this character cos he's very friendly, courteous, jolly, and has a hot voice. Plus, he knows how to sing and play the lute, what more do you want? :D

This year I'll try to do the inktober thingie!
My theme? Characters that I love & are usually ignored/underrated. Just cos I think they are awesome and need more love! And who is best to start than our favorite French birdie! ^_^
I wanted him to look like a real swallow for once! Hope I've achieved that.

A little thingie I did today as part of Jupiter character desing. I did him on anime style this time cos I think of using it on the comic.
It's evident I was thinking of Kero when I was drawing him I think XD
Can you guess which gecko species he's based on?

Hi there peeps! Hope you're having a great weekend!

It's my favorite time of the year again, time for the sketches poll so you can vote for your favorite ones! :D
Now featuring a lot more characters than the last year. Peg sketch is giving battle to stay here so far since I drew it, so if you would like her to be turned into a finished illustration come join and vote for her, or for your fave lady here:

Now I'm at my mom's for the weekend and she lent me her computer, but since my family was there and the computer was on sight, I only was able to draw sfw stuff today 🀣
Alors voici un randall!😁 I've always thought he was so cute as his younger self, so I felt like drawing him.

Oh also, Fievel ! For my peeps who follow me for my
Suggested by one of my awesome patrons!
I did this one on last Sunday that just passed.
Come and join my Patreon to suggest more cartoon characters to draw! 😁

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