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some girl from some brazil psa-type comic book/short animation that would play on public television ad breaks

idk i like her
but couldnt possibly do her justice

man.... 90% clothed with dick out is such a Me aesthetic
i don't hate fully nude pieces at all, but I'll find myself gravitating more towards colorful clothing... silly hats and helmets (as you can probably tell) also can really make a difference to me.

anti-shipping farts 

the thing is i -sorta- did, kind of?
or rather
i've known about some pretty bad stuff about my harasser from another friend, but they surely want to stay as far away from any possibility of drama as possible, and of course, i can't blame them

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anti-shipping farts 

i wish i could do the opposite of what this video shows on my harasser haha 🙃

so my twitter is at risk now thanks to this Funnie Clown Man

if we can do at least one good thing before it's too late if you can find and report the screenshotted tweets which are indeed targetted harassment that'd be pretty neat

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