im gonna try to post some stuff ive been making in the time i was offline, mostly doodles but also will try to finish some so yeah

// underage / shota , incest tex/keith
Based on a thread by twitter user @ aphorafterdark

The foundation of all of this: @carpincho_kev did this amazing lineup of the bois. Harry, James, Albus, Scorpius, Teddy and Draco. <3

( art by @carpincho_kev )

Elliot and his new friend, Eddy πŸ•
-story in the comments-

// age gap / underage
Alberto and Massimo

Just wait till Luca comes back so Alberto can teach him all the new stuff he's been learning with his new daddy

// shota / chibi

i dont think i ever posted these here ? i should get back on that project

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