@cari nice warm bath, some hot cocoa, and a filling dinner await.

@Kesina @SmalAndThin @Dorothy ok, the child is in your hands, please make good use

@cari @SmalAndThin @Dorothy oh definitely, she will find a good warm home and be used well.

@cari Oh sure, and I'll give her a very fulfilling life.

@cari The way she's lit, it looks like a car is already stopping nearby. She'll be fine.


@cari Her clothes & grooming make it seem she's well provided-for, but her bleary-eyed stare over the creepily-dark city shows what's going on inside. The slender girl looks like she's not been eating well, not seeing the point. Heck, she can't be bothered to keep her shoes tied. The silhouetted buildings reveal a dysfunctional world, constant microwave communication yet nothing to report. Wish I could give her a good meal and a big hug. The sadness is a touching as her beauty. Thanks.

@Allan_Grey i bet she just ran away from home or something, she would probably appreciate some warm food and consolation :blobcry:

@cari Here comes the smiling man in the luxury car willing to take her someplace safe (hint hint).

@cari Let's just say everything comes at a barter 馃槈

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