Meet my OCs Picco and Akiel :blobheartcat:
Picco is a mischievous young demon and Aki is a guardian angel who has to endure him.
They have clothes but I'm still working on them so they are currently naked... I'm sure you guys don't mind :blobamused:

Kipo solo comm (2020)
Did this comm sometime last year but forgot to upload it.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Let's hope 2022 will be bountiful with tons of cute shotas.

These are the after-Christmas brothers I drew at the end of last year
Happy new year~!!

If this post gets 70 likes by 7:30 PM tomorrow, I will draw porn of Zac from Pu Li Ru La.

Oh Dash... it was just supposed to be a simple vacation trip! See, this is why we can't take you anywhere. 😳 πŸ˜‚

Some very exciting artwork from an artist I had thought long gone. But it seems is actually a new friend just keeping it quiet all this time. So many thanks go to Pyran for these amazing gifts they made me.
And I'm so very happy they've decided to open up a little bit as I've always enjoyed their art style. A little wholesome, and a little naughty! :blobheartcat:


I wish you all a new year 2022 with healthy, love and money. I hope you like this hot pic by commision of the boy who never grew up.

For commision:
Telegram: super_kubo
Discord: super_kubo#8425

Happy New Year!!
You all are so good and should be proud of yourselves surviving the year of mad cow! Now welcome the year of tiger! And tiger eats cow, so, everything will be good and better from now on!
Thank you for all your support!

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