@anon3000 thankyou! ill give exhentai a try, if the other site becomes shota/loli friendly, please let me know, if possible.

Hi guys, im trying to get more galleries to post art on. So far I have:
Pixiv, Baraag, twitter, pawoo. I have a hiccears but i really need to post on it. I may start posting on booru.allthefallen.moe . Are there any other shota/loli friendly sites that i can post on?

@Tlasoi thanks a bunch! I tend to draw the bodies in my style and the heads in the style of the original artist

@caramelthecalf And this is what she ends up after drinking Caramel's milk? :blobthinkingsmirk:

@Xienoan I was wondering why all my girlfriends grow big dicks. o.o;

@dzk_r18 um, there is always a chance of viruses on rule34 or another mainstream porn site, so uh get a good anti-virus just in case.

@dzk_r18 fuuuuck, well, if you want another huge gallery site to use you can try rule34.phaheal.net

@dzk_r18 that really sucks, i hope its a temporary ban. =(. Yeah, be extra careful censoring, its annoying, but the extra views/followers helps.

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