the king of the shotacons, Uncle Kenji lol - I got a bunch of characters I created as fap material these last years, which I will add to the cast soon. also, don't forget to check out Daichi and Tatsuos character sheets

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@caracchiato Fuuuck this is too hot. Of course he's a babysitter lol. I'd let him babysit my son!

Can't wait to see who else gets added to the cast.

@caracchiato A babysitter, huh? Plenty of access to new sex shotas. What a lucky, lucky man.

@caracchiato that outfit drives me nuts, you made him way too hot. Really hope to see him make more appearances

@yaoi32 as much as i love this genre in hentai, i can’t see it happening with these characters xD i just want them to fuck each other without any hearts broken

@caracchiato Hehe
Him being passed around will be just as hot :blobcheeky:

@japanesebonustrack You have a thing for the scruffy job-jumping types, don't you?

I do have to hand it to you tho, he's a GOOD fuckin character

@SolanderDraws @caracchiato yeah true. Hot asf. Thought he was darker skinned in some of these pics

@caracchiato Okay My favorite character has arrived...
I have this headcanon that they are in the next town over from Dilfari haha

I love that friendship of yours with grecorum! excited where this comic leads us with your world building!!! Love it..

@caracchiato Uncle kenji is my favorite, he is so hot. I would let him do whatever he wants

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