It's about time I drew the In A Heartbeat boys! This is kinda a sequel to the short film. One of them invited the other to their house. One thing led to another and they are showing off their fat dicks. After a full sweaty day of school, the aroma of these boys must've been intoxicating!

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Both uncut with glossy pink knobs under the foreskin

I drew their dicks too fat and juicy i wanna get a taste. Quite proud of it lol. It's like seeing food in anime but it's dicks.

@Xienoan Thank you so much! It helps that they're already cute too uwu

Oof! Damn, this is so cute and hot! 😍❀❀❀
I hope they'll have a lot of fun together! 😊❀

@PervyOne23 oh thank you! And for sure they'll have fun especially with toys like that :blob0w0:

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