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Hello! I finally opened my pixiv fanbox โœจ
From now on, Iโ€™ll update my arts there earlier
but donโ€™t worry,I still post arts here too, thank you for the continuing support as always ๐Ÿ’™

Special versions and PSD found here:

Gosh since fire emblem is a Japanese game why westerners complaining about their loli content lol wtf

@byefrog Iโ€™m fed up with pixivโ€™s censorship rule โ€‹:blobglare:โ€‹

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Thereโ€™s a new art sns website founded in my country and it seems like I can legally post uncensored shota pictures there, but the English version is still not available yet

@byefrog he might be a minor in our world ,but not in theirs, idk whatโ€™s wrong w/ this ppl as usual

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My friend told me Alphie is actually an adult in the game setting but he is 16
and Twitter ppl didnโ€™t give a shit abt game settings they only say ooooo he iS a MiNoR โ€‹:FeelsDogMan:โ€‹

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