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On a cold night, they must find a way to get warm
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All the bees know not to mix too much honey at the honey factory. Vi has a first hand experience as to what happens when you do.

The Librarian and David, for isuckatart :blobuwu:

Pumped for that season 2 :blob0w0:

Day 137: OKKO + Shota 

Dendy Log entry, Day 3: It has been only been 20 minutes into today's experiment and both KO and TKO are not preforming well. Adding restrains only seems to stimulate them more. I'm starting to fear the worst, maybe Rad name calling wasn't out of place after all. Despite clear evidence, KO still protests when call a "sissy."
In conclusion, further research is still needed.

I don't remember if I posted this one uncensored, due to pixiv rules. But 2015 was a bit different so maybe I did, anyway, here's the pic again just in case.


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