I rarely draw non porn pictures but after re-watching the Raggedy Ann and Andy movie from my childhood I just had to do a tribute picture.  Sometimes we forget things we grew up on till it hits us in the face again. 

Had a pic commission come in. I do picture commissions as well pairing pictures starting at $17 dollars Solo pictures at $12 dollars. bumwolf.com/wolf/commissions/

Inbetween commissions at the moment. Might as well do a few pictures I want to see.

@carpincho_kev I charge about around that rates myself. Those paypal fees are why I had to go up in price myself.

Just recently played the Scoutmaster season comic. Here's my orgy sendup.

I enjoyed this pairing from Can't go wrong with an anime dealing with mushrooms.

Had a commission for this little crossover come in over the past week. bumwolf.com/wolf/blue-exorcist Looking for commissions for April One Pagers starting at $35 dollars. bumwolf.com/wolf/commissions/

Had a picture commission come in yesterday here's the result. I do picture commissions starting at 12 dollars USD. bumwolf.com/wolf/commissions/

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