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A heroes job is never done!
captions are hard, so i'll leave it up to you all. #deku #midoriya #shota

Completed my latest work this time my take on Fire Force (En En no Shลbลtai) here's the link for the full comic. bumwolf.com/wolf/fire-force/fi

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun saw some pics floating around with these boys so figured I'd work up a mini comic.

Decided to add another panel to my Major comic. This time showing their sons getting in on the action.

Been watching Major trying to fill the baseball void in my life. Enjoying watching these boys growing up. Shame they ended up with gurls.

Decided to do another gag comic this time featuring Luffy and Sanji from

Ran into my old buddy from the Yaoinami days. So I decided to do a new tribute pic to my old friend.

Want to experiment with a new comic format. Little dirty mini comics leading up to some kind of sex hyjinks. More to cum I'm sure.

It's been awhile since I've done some Avatar the Last Cumbender art. Figured I'd do a new one for 2020. If your new to my artwork I've done a whole series of these on my website. bumwolf.com/wolf/avatar-the-la

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Sometimes friends come to your workplace to tease you... or support... or both. Idea shamelessly stolen from Raisins series and Kibon hiccears.com/artist-profile.ph author of Peckers

The new Final Fantasy game gave me some ideas for a new picture. Well here's the result with Cloud and Chadley getting it on.

I did a Black Clover comic featuring some action from Nash visiting the Black Bulls and getting it on with the Wizard King. bumwolf.com/wolf/black-clover/

Decided I would share little of my older works. This is from an InuYasha comic I did a couple years back. It's a remake of one I did when InuYasha was hot. bumwolf.com/wolf/inuyasha-6/

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henlo world I only ever thought i'd post this on r34 (that's why the signature says GayJesus, it's my acc there) but this place exists now so I guess this is where it'll go

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