dragooo doodle from a while ago
i gotta start posting here again =w=''

cub (shota) , pony 

cub (loli) 

feeling a bit rusty since i havent drawn he past few days but i dont think its too bad .. d:

im a living cartoon i was gonna post about how i finally got my tablet cord replaced before realizing i forgot to even say something about my cord getting torn to shreds



bad warm up doodles
old ass oc that i still love and will probably draw porn of bc im a fucking fiend

someone red lined one of my chibis and i
dont know how to feel about that LOL this has never happened before

maybe i
should make it more clear that
these are chibis
and the anatomy wont be
100% correct because
they're chibis

cub (shota) 

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