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Alrighty hereโ€™s my new pinned!

You know the drill! You must be 18+ to be here. This is a shota zone, but i may draw lolis from time to time too.

If you like my art and wanna help me pay the bills then support me @

Poor guy has been waiting forever. I have two others who have also been waiting forever I can't wait to be done. xD

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Commish for @/lexington :D
Left is his trap shota, Lexi and to the right is his loli, Caroline

Serving alcohol and octopus just got more difficult.๐Ÿถ ๐Ÿ™:blobamused:
Gift for @cannibalism of is OC

This was one of the final supporter requests from fanbox. The fanbox will be no more after today, but let's get halloweenie x3

for @halcyonwinter

lads, lasses, and all in betwixt...

I think I landed me a better paying job :blobdab:

Again, just a reminder that fantasy is fantasy. Just because you draw or look at cartoons of kids doesn't mean you're in danger of hurting them in real life. Just like no one that has written a gory novel is in danger of murdering anyone. Don't let anyone blast you for fiction. Freedom of expression is important to explore thoughts and ideas that are taboo. It's safe and doesn't hurt anyone. We all have weird brains that are going to like weird stuff.

When I close all that shit down for good I'll just repost the censored stuff without the censor

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I haven't been too active (sorry) so I'll just say that after this month there will be no more fanbox and I'm just gonna not bother with the subscribestar I tricked them into approving. This just cements the fact that this kind of thing is not for me. If anything, I'll stick with commissions from here on out.

Bryan Fuller (showrunner of Hannibal tv series) is pro ship I cry

Actually, someone thought it would be a good idea to have a shota acct make him 17.... Someone commented 10 much too late, but I decided to utilize both ages somehow. I'm kinda cheating...kinda not... who cares

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So this is the product of the catboy meme, Alexis.

He has a fake ID that says heโ€™s 17 but itโ€™s just so he can get in drunk sailorsโ€™ pants.

CW: Pregnant Lolis 

Here is a sketch batch of a bunch of famous lolis who got PREGGERS!
Pregnant lolis were voted for last month and Er! won the vote to be colored.

Uncensored version can be found @
Alternatively @

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