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Commission for @Inoiiying_Vault ♥

Artorias will rarely leave the castle to go on a mission for the king
It will take him days and sometimes months before he comes back
So at some point, they will miss each other body, making Meredyth horny thinking about the sex they had and can't help it but touch herself

***The brown hair guy is how I imagine Artorias to look under his armor***

🕯️ A candlelit dinner with Evangelyne!🕯️ :yanagiyuu_heart3: :yanagiyuu_heart3: 🇫🇷

A daring pirate who loves to steal men and add them to her harem

New commission available: Scarlett, an original character by @MajorCrasher
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only:

Did a bit of a study of Huffslove's work. Turned out alright.

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