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I am not a bot, and I don’t spam people with original content. I only boost artists and their works.


My attempt at an NTR comic. I wanted make one where all the Characters are OC and all the context was inside the comic.

To kind of side step this block I got going, I did a request as a little warm up. It was much more refreshing than* doing a bigger project. Can't believe the first thing I did for my birthday was work lol.

🔞 Thank you for your delicious ice cream! 🍦 ♥️

if you want you can support me ❤



This is the back of the Trashy Orange panda, as I like to call her. I can't find the original post so I post the front as well.

It is what this Sticker is based on.

Page 1 of my new Loona comic!

You can check out the next 8 pages early on patreon

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