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I am not a bot, and I don’t spam people with original content. I only boost artists and their works.

Hello everyone. I have a bad news.
Patreon has decided to close.
My art style seems to violate Patreon's guidelines.
I will publish the same plan here within 24 hours.
If you want a position in Discord, enter the command issued monthly and give it yourself. I will strip at the end of the month.
Of course, you can receive requests and rewards without participating.

Save the Cinnamon6! He lost much of money because He had to canceled his trip with coronavirus impact. btw His February rewards are open, Thanks! Support and Save Me! ->
たすけて!例のコロナなんとかのせいで飛行機チケットとホテル代のキャンセル代100%とられちゃったの(挨拶)! 2月のPatreon Reward公開しました 高解像度画像とかここだけのひみつ画像とかあとお絵描きリクエストとかもあるんですよ ぜひ ->

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