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glad there was more Dagmar in part 2 of disenchantment but it was still eh.

at least now I now have the headcanon of Dagmar fucking demons.

I likely won't really be on Baraag as often as I would be on other sites mostly due to a large amount of questionable content on my feed around here, but I at least wanna show you guys this lewd sketch of Haru from Persona 5 I'm posting elsewhere. So there's that.

a lovely pair of gorgeous girls in a FarWest setting, about to enjoy the warm welcome of secluded citizens… or maybe not ! XD
many thanks to
for the commission :D

and don't forget to check out higher definition version on ;)

cheers !

"Happy Hatching Day."
An au where Burn gave Scarlet the dreamvisitor. and they're gfs.

November 2019 - Patreon Reward
Deborah Harper – Resident Evil 6
thanks to all those who support me on:
All the Variants are on the link below, enjoy :)
(4) Variants:

2019DEC02 part 10.
Magical girl harem comic.
This part ended up taking over two weeks, because I wanted to step up my quality a little bit to see if there were more engagement. Although I've always been disappointed by such attempt, I could never predict what got people talking in the end. I am still brain storming the next part of their conversations.

Commission for Natthanich Chaihin
Glad there's someone finally commission me to draw male character XD

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