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Some of my other fetishes are anal (I really love playing with my children's tight bumholes) and soft stuff like cuddles and kisses, leading to consensual playtime (these are not really fetishes but they are mostly what I enjoy doing. The other ones are really exciting, but these are my safe and comfortable spot)

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Just to make clear. My fetishes relates to purely fictional art and stories. If you want to share real pedo stuff with me, you can just fook off. People roleplaying as little children and actual small children are different things!


Okay I'm even MORE fucked financially now, so it's time to try some ! :>

Let's start with tier 2. I'll have 5 slots for now.

$20: You can have a custom pose of 1 character you've seen in my postings, with a neutral background. (You'll have to get permission of the original character creator/owner if the character is not mine.) You will get over 10 variation pictures (different angles/facial expressions/aspect ratios).
+$10 per additional character in the pose (up to 3 total).

Giving your son his own computer, having already bookmarked some web pages for him like Inkbunny and Baraag so he can delve deeper into a world of pedo fantasy. Soon, you'll be minding your own business and he'll run into your room with a big smile on his face "Daddy look! I wanna try this next!" And how can you say no to such an adorable boy who wants you to ravage his hole and embrace your pedo love for him?

Trying to think of the proper way for a pedophile to discipline their children. Settled on if you're a good boy/girl you can suck on my cock... but if you're bad you get to choke on it~

I REACH 50 FOLLOWERS HERE AND IN PIXIV :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow:

I will post something of my most recent work as thanks :yanagiyuu_heart3: :yanagiyuu_heart3:

This is only the first part, of course, things get hotter, between this two siblings 😍 😍 😍

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I really need to find somewhere to host the images 😅 😅 my stories only get longer and with the limit it will seem i'm spamming 😅 😅

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When you tell the child it's -their- fault for what's happening because they're just too cute~

✨ New Comic comm Corazón morado Page 2! they will begin to explore in depth ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ Hope u like it :blobcatpeek:

is there like, a kink for kinks? like the opposite of kink shaming? like when i look at like…watersports porn it doesn’t get me half as wet as when i read the comments. like reading “i wanna piss in her and use it as lube” is way hotter to me than actually seeing that happen ?????? like i get more turned on by hearing other people’s horny thoughts than by seeing the fulfillment of their fantasies??

[Mia Drawing] First School Day
Watcha looking at she just dropped her bag ~ Mia

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