My twitter account got suspended 😭

New twitter account:

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@blublush Bummer. Nowadays though, most 'social media' sites are run by prudish close-minded sheep.

@Mystix Yes, I guess you are right. Its just that I followed some absurdly famous loli artists and they dont seem to have that problem. Thanks for commenting

@blublush I suppose one can 'fly under the radar' there (and some other social-media sites) for a while if posting some 'lewd' / 'sexy' art or pics, but, all it takes is one prude to report, or some Twatter moderator to see, and then good-bye account. :P I know it really sucks.
A few months ago, someone must of reported some of my art that I posted on such a site (and it wasn't loli or nude and had no sex acts in the art), and *Poof*, my account was suddenly gone. No warning, nothing, just gone.

@blublush @Mystix Apparently the quickest way to get suspended is to have a lewd/explicit avatar and/or banner on your account OR forgetting to go to settings and checking the "Mark media I post as sensitive" box. That's how most artists get their account suspended, whether they posted underage lewds or not.

@nexus347 @Mystix Yeah you're right. I checked and I didn't have that sensitive media box checked U_U

@blublush I seem to have been suspended earlier today too. Trying to appeal it

@blublush it might have been a bad thing for you, but I learned of a lot of new fascinating places thanks to it ❀️

@blublush Wonder why
Maybe @Jack-ass needs to stop being a prudish fucking puritan

@blublush good riddance ~ twitter is a cancer 😷


I’m currently charging 50€ for a single character illustration. 60€ if it’s 2 characters, as a gift. Price may vary depending on the complexity of the background.
Money is to be sent after the cliente has approved the rough sketch.

(Price may chance depending on the complexity of the drawing)

thank you for your interest!

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