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Hello! Iโ€™m on Patreon now!

Thereโ€™s some cool stuff there: discord server, character polls, WIPs, Timelapse videos, custom sketches, and more.

Check it out!

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Patreon sketch poll

Twilight Sparkle

I took a few moments to draw a rough picture for all of you. I wonder what or who she's waiting for.

Another commission follow-up

Very proud of how this came out. Also, it's super cool drawing big girls with little guys.

Hope you like it!

Gangbang Commission

This one is a follow-up to another piece I drew a year ago I believe.

Hope you're all doing great. I'll be more active again in a month.

Lumity, I redrawed an old work I did but in the end I did'nt feel like posting.

right now doing commissions but doing more if you send me one

Commission - Riko x Reg - Made in Abbys

Commissions on hold. Contact me if you want to be on the next waiting list.

Re_zero commission by anonimous. Thanks for support, I really appreciate it!!

send me all commission inquiries to:


Hello, I hope you are all well. I'm great, I'm going to move in a week to the city again since I've been given a scholarship to study animation. And who knows if that same company that gave me the scholarship will hire me.

That said, I'm back to making SFW and NSFW commissions for anyone who is interested. Except babies and furri I draw everything. So if anyone wants to help me with the moving expenses by asking me for a commission I would be happy to do it.

Commission - Pokemon Hilda, Hiker and Scottie

Oops didn't post this here.

Commissions are on hold. If you want a place in the list, contact me via mail at " "

Noel, Luka and Blu - Commission

These are some lovely OCs I had the pleasure to draw having some fun with my girl


Probably should've posted this earlier but a wonderful sketch done by @blublush of Futsuka

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