New doodle, will have a swimsuit doodle with all the girls in a week or two for the 5k subs on pixiv. For this one I decided to include some religious text about the topic at hand, could have had a Hindu girl too, missed opportunity. It reminds me of just how lame and artificial relationships and marriage are in the modern era. On that note, congrats to the Taliban for pushing back a bit on it.

New doodle. Part of 2 "dads" series with Frank, Alex and Sarah. More @

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commission for a non-baraag user.

as always painting process vid and full version will be included in the end of the month's tier rewards folder

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Every time I come on here the layout weirds me out. Is this the case for anyone else? Anyway here are some quick sketches I started and finished tonight. Enjoy...

Never posted these, I have the full set on pixiv, too lazy to dig up the uncen version but you aren’t missing much yet :)

Starting a new comic. Kinda neglected this place so I’ll try to be a bit more active from now on. Probably post some uncensored versions from pixiv when I get a chance...

Back from the dead (and vacation) posting some new drawings also you can find more on muh pixiv account

First four images of the comic, kinda crappy quality. May delete this and update later with more cleaned up/consistent images. We'll see. Might just be lazy. I have about a month of censored pages on pixiv which I'll be uploading here later.

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