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Even months after getting married to Vincent, Alex always made sure to wear a condom when fucking him. Frankly, the jock wanted to enjoy one year or two more of rough, bed-breaking sex with his boywife and very few responsibilities. They could have a baby later, he thought… but Vincent had other plans! 🤭

Family Fun P3: Bedtime Funtime

Little Javon decided to crawl into his Papa's and Daddy's bed tonight and it seems he got a bit curious and made hot-blooded, spanish Papi Recardo get all riled up. Before long Daddy Lukas stirred awake and Javon was plugged by some swedish meat. It became really hot and steamy and soon the couple couldn't keep away from each other. Don't worry Grandpa came to the rescue all hard and throbbing!

Man on Shota, rough. 

No specific story for this one, it's an offshoot of a different thing I started animating.

So, I'm curious what scenario you're imagining here, everyone. Some roleplay? A kidnapping? A burglary gone wrong (or very right?).

Minors, incest, taboo, shota, muscle, cock, balls, forced throatfuck 

Feeding time and Ryan wants to grow up big and strong like his brother. He’s grown addicted to his brothers toxic cum.

“Sorry kiddo, this is gonna be a big load. Now tell me you live how big my balls are!”

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This drawing is originally from another indule, being a commission I asked the commissioner for permission to edit it, however in a few days I will upload the version of the commission <3

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Practice to get back in gear.

Boy getting dicked, the usual degeneracy.

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