Seeing a bunch of Star stuff. Here's an accidental set of sketches from the last few months.

Sketch-tier Patrons get packs every month, but you can always pick up the older ones over on !

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What is the first thing you do after become stranded in the amazon rainforest? Exactly! Giving a bunny a blowjob! 🐰 I hate when that happens.

Just an FYI: I uploaded all my old sketch and HD packs to - so if you wanna grab any packs of my sketches, or my finished HD pics, you can. So, yeah, that's cool. Also here's a sketch of Sarah and Duck.

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oh yeah, baraag! long time no see. whoops.

One panel from the last chapter of A Day in the Life of Marge.

So how does the local/federated timeline work? I can't find an FAQ.


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