@birdthief Whew, that is so good.

I love those expressions and Malon's thighs are stellar

@birdthief Well that's a great test 👍 Link looks so innocent, it's perfect 😆

@birdthief Oh my. That's very pretty artwork and a lovely scene. <3

@Cryotimberwolf I see you've got patrician tastes. But is it Malon, or Romani? 🤔

@birdthief Someone Called "hentaiperv2018" uploaded this artwork on an r34 Platform two days ago - exactly shortly after you uploaded this here. Thought I'd let you know. Here's the link if you wanna report or something:


I btw LOVE your art :3 hope you take comms one day, or put up some other means so I can support you.

@birdthief I don't see news arts of zelda a ages, nice !
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