DW All Wet - Page One
Specific details of this may be subject to change. You can probably tell where it's going already.

@Macfuffin I think about this comment at least once a day

@Manatee I was about to contend this as there is a dw glasses meme that I was basing this on. But when I googled 'dw glasses' the ones that come up are, indeed heart shaped πŸ˜…
It's too late to change them now, though

DW All Wet - Cover Image
I have a pretty good idea where I want to take this, but don't know when I will finish each page.

I was wondering about what to do next and this came up on Google. Welp πŸ˜…

Quiet Night Part One
Don't know how many parts to this I'll end up doing. The assumption is D.W. is under the covers for all of it.

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