Judy x Ming
Not exactly, @provo
I was hesitant to put this here considering it's not loli or even NSFW but it is tangentially related to Mei Lee so here you go.

Kiss (Miriam)
Okay, I think this is the last one - it's been fun but I want to draw something new.

Kiss (Priya, Self)
This is a short set. I'm already kinda done with just redoing the same image over and over.

Priya was suggested to be kissing Mei, but she looks like a potato so I had to do some practise first. I'm still not sure 🤔

Kiss (Abby, Ming)
First two. Not sure how many of these I'll end up actually doing.

Hot Dog
You guys know that I don't like Turning Red, right? Suggestions for the kiss don't need to be in-universe.

Who is this? I haven't actually decided who it's going to be 🤔

Tarkatan Female
Noble lineage, perhaps destined for greatness?

Mileena Redesign
Found for sale in an Outworld marketplace. Part of a small set of the Queen.

Bart x Lisa Animated
8horns' really gonna flip his lid over this one. Started this months ago, 3 hours 27 minutes total editing time

A Dog Between Buns
I just have ONE MORE IDEA for Mei Lee, then I'm done. (Re-upload - forgot to add her tail)

Subliminal Messages
There is a hidden message about how I feel toward Mei Lee in this image. What could it be?

I just have one more idea for her, then I'm done.

Miss Chalice
This is pretty funny, right? I guess she doesn't know what 'comeback' means 😀

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