Quiet Night Part One
Don't know how many parts to this I'll end up doing. The assumption is D.W. is under the covers for all of it.

Quiet Night
I didn't really like the way the bedding looked in some of the DW series, so I tried this new way of drawing it.

[Old Work] Mother's Kisses
Milhouse x Luann
Some more Simpsons stuff I did. There's a fair bit of it, I'll upload it in stages.

[Old Work] Lisamania
Gonna be showing some old stuff of the Simpsons I did last year. It took a little while to get the characters into style.

DW Spying
Re-upload of this. It didn't have a background before.

[Old Work] Empress Exam
@Nebukhanezzar asked that I show this here. The third image was not part of the original set.

Loli Mileena was one of my earliest characters; I have other sketches of her that I might finish at some point.

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