@Dolus @hakui i think im doing fine. I hate working in laptops. so many of those things are not my problem .D

@roka @Dolus @nepfag
i've never cared about cardboard boxes so much. they are so easy to damage it sucks. im one of the few that like the bluray case format a lot.

@KisekiTemiro dunno... mouth, nose, skincolor.

in any case I wonder the same for mine. I guess is the same for everyone tho, no one can tell exactly because is a lot of things. when you see it, you just know.

@KisekiTemiro flockmod is a flash online app to draw with people.

well it helped me to be less shy doodling. also is very limited. like no canvas rotation.

@KisekiTemiro what is this?

I did draw in flockmod for a long time. and was really useful.

@Dolus hard drives demagnetize faster than a disk if you let them alone.

i think preserve laserdisc is more important. most of the things that are in dvd tend to have a better release in bluray eventually unlike LD

@KisekiTemiro dunno. draw a girl, put a penis. don't draw big nipples or big hips. mmm make his chin more prominent. I think the secret is in the shape of the eyes.

@cummappy she's beauty, intelligent and an important part of the plot many times in the series.

people tend to underestimate her.

@KisekiTemiro tired of doing stuff i don't want to. I thought that living alone and having to be in quarantine would helpful to let me draw without problems. fuck no. :/

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