@bichosan Holy shit, YES!

Dominatrix mode Fink wearing a black leather corset and long gloves! It's like someone scanned my brain for fetishes. XD

Mouthwatering body proportions, great coloring and shading!

I don't care if I have rights, if she's the one arresting me. :P

This lands in my favorites folder.

@sunshineandlolipops @bichosan
I'm usually more into submissive girls myself, but something about Fink just demands that she be in charge.

It's like a natural order of things that not even I can deny.

@illumipony @bichosan Yeah, I'm personally very much into dominant girls, but it's not just personal preference when I say Fink is a quintessential loli dominatrix. XD

I'm glad you agree. :)

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