@bichosan haha, I feel bad asking, but I've run into situations where baraag homies don't update as frequently as they do Twitter, so it might say they're open when they actually aren't

@illyasonii it happens. In my case comms are always open. but since I don't post regularly. (I didn't in months) people assume comms are closed or I'm dead. the best solution is to ask.

there's nothing to feel bad about. responding questions is part of the service of a pro.

forget about updates is fine and normal XD 😅

I was just trying to have fun because many people forget to check artist's profiles or sites before asking things that are just there.

btw artist that ghost you are bad.

@bichosan Question! Does futanari count as a male, a female or a no-no?

@el_mago_oskuro futa is a fictional genre in erotica where females get a dick by magical means. dubious technology, non available science, etc. AFAIK they don't stop being females, and they don't think they change either. dick is just seen as a tool.

Not my cup of tea. but job is job. so I may consider it case by case.

@bichosan I might comm a full color drawing sometime in the future, if I remember your existence when I have money. XD

@bichosan @bichosan Just making sure you email is with an L and not an I right?

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