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I didn't want to do this but due to Real life shit. I've been busy for a lot more than I expected :/

So your new request for commissions will have to wait until I get back the control of my life.

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Forgive me if I don't respond to every reply. Same for boost/fav/follow or anything. "I do notice you, guys". but I'm just pretty bad and lazy at social media.

guys, remember.

the local timeline may be slow but is not yours alone.

if yesterday was a boring day. today was worse. probably because today is Friday. the party day.

Sure most people are having fun.
in a wild party and they let me here... alone, because I'm old and not radical anymore.

πŸ§“ fgskdfdfjb ZZZZ

does anyone know a good Tetris game for android?

I need some distraction πŸ˜•

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