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So.. I created a Patreon :patreon:
in case anyone wants to support me, I haven't set up any tiers or rewards yet, I'll definitely add some once I come up with something tho

Boosts Appreciated :blobcat:

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I'm not doing so well in terms of money so I'm gonna start taking sketch commissions, here are the details and some examples,
It's first come, first served so be quick to get a slot!!
Donations are also welcome

Boosts Highly appreciated !!! :blobheart:

Who :blobpeek:


There's polls now? Let's see what my followers want :blobtea:
*hint: the right answer is lolis*

Good news, turns out i know how to draw boobs!!
also, i'm back, hi :anidab_right:

@basku Porn shouldnt be allowed on this christian instance! πŸ™ β›ͺ

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