just found out the Jacobites lost the 1745 Rising. no one @ me rn I'm in y feelings

Morning Baraag!

Oh my god. I'm looking through my folder of never-posted-drawings, and I remembered this one.

I remember working SO HARD on this because hat kid is one of my favorite characters of all time. But I really didn't have a place to post this. I remember I kept wistfully looking at it wishing I could, I dunno, show my friends? Put it on a booru? But it didn't end up anywhere...

But now I can post it here! So I hope you guys enjoy!!

is it just me or these new minigames are getting kinda obscene

not only late but I'll also have to stop it here, oh well..
hope your friday the 13th was wild

incest, enpuri 

grossness, underage sex work 

I have no permission to post this yet. 

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