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@badtyke WOW! Not only is this gorgeous art from you but it's a picture of her I've been wanting to see for a very long time. Schoolgirl Terra is incredibly hot and surprisingly isn't as common as it should be. Thanks for the treat!

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@badtyke The unfortunate reality is that people can be irrational about this. There is Nothing wrong with exploring anything in fiction, regardless of the medium. But, if there is a real chance that you could be harmed by association with certain material (loss of income, harassment, etc) make sure you take measures to protect your identity.

I really want to just say "Do you, f*ck the haters" but I want you to be safe and avoid issues by being prepared.

Part 2

Had fun trying to figure out the poses. I think I need to work more on dynamic poses and coming up with better dialogue.

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