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Welcome to my art blog!

All content on this blog is fictional, and I do NOT associate with abusive or harmful ideologies and behaviors. The following lists content I create, and content I will share.

โญ Loli/Shota
โญ Toon
โญ Incest/Pseudo-Incest
โญ Bestiality, Pokephilia, and Mascot
โญ Guro, softcore and hardcore
โญ Abuse
โญ Drug use
โญ Fetish

Subjects that are not welcome on my account:

โ›” Nazi or Fascist imagery
โ›” Pro MAP/NOMAP users/content by users
โ›” Hyperrealism
โ›” 3D

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Hey guys! I know I've been making a lot of posts recently, but in the wake of support and new follows I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring.

I've set up a kofi for tips in increments of $2. Currently I'm trying to save up for a new iPad to draw with, as my current iPad is quite old and doesn't hold a charge.

Donate here !

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ๅคๆˆฆๅ ดใงใฏใŠไธ–่ฉฑใซใชใ‚Šใพใ—ใŸใ€‚

sibling incest 

first time posting actual nsfw and first time animating :blobuwu:

also. i am really sorry that most of my personal work is the same 3 characters over and over usually lol. i hope no one ever gets tired of seeing venofink !!! and i also am sorry for every person here for the girls only, bc,,,,i love drawing super hot and super cute dudes too,,,,,

sorry uploads are slow! working through comms and a few other deadlines (but also squeezing in some personal art here and there). Will have quite a few things to post soon :p

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