don't know if I can do it this year, but worth a try.

ps. I used this generator

Day 3
I want to fully paint this pic later.
It's so hard to crop and post it on Twitter though.

Day 4 Spit-roasting

can this one be counted as day 5's (anal sex) too?

Day 5 Anal sex

I wanted a couple of characters that can do what the dumb friend and the perv friend can't for a while. I didn't mean to at first but Aoi and the green hair boi suits it eventually.

Day 6 Surrender

I got carried away doing this.
Don't worry, Ace is a pro wrekter. He got no serious injury, he has trained well (or will be trained well, I don't know, yet...)

Day 8 Orgy
They won't add Simple and clean into Sm//sh
so it ends up complicated and dirty.

Day9 Exhibitionism
not very in the concept but I guess it's forgivable.

Day 10

I want to draw them but they're not very kinky, so...

Day 11 Pet play
well.... It's pet's play, or pet plays, or pet's played
I don't know it anymore

nothing represents hatred more than how a prey hates a hunter! And... I like a gimmick of switching roles

Yes, Day 13 Hate Sex

and... My new characters sprout from nowhere, the lion cub and the antelope thug.

Day 14 Xenophilia

Antelope x Lion can be, right? Right?

Day 15 Slave training

If you thought it'd be a boislave, welp, I love betraying expectations.

day 16 threesome

I've got 7-8 new OCs those I want to draw more than 1 time from this Kinktober
These bois are 3 of them.

Day 17 Shower sex

not a proper one but still a sex though

Day 18 Somnophilia
No, It's not really Somnophilia but I want to draw this.

Day 19 Aliens

I hope I don't have to censor the alien's head, it's racist.

Day 20 Teratophilia

TBH I didn't know this word before drawing this and haven't even known if it's right.
I had a lot of fun drawing it though


Day 21 Black mail

They said follow them only one time, it'd be fun.

Well... this is the darkest of the month until now.

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@autumn_snow As usual, it's very well drawn. It certainly makes me feel sad, but even that is a testament to your ability. The story is pretty clearly told, even with just a few scenes.

@porndisciple Even I myself felt sad and afraid that it'd be too far too πŸ˜…

@autumn_snow you did great ^^ I feel both sad for him and also tempted xD

@autumn_snow Expressions are on point like always! Tan lines are a good touch too :bloblaugh: :blobchef:

@autumn_snow I like that you chose a vividly colorful way to do this. Also, I need some of that man's body scent bottled up and sent to me. You know, to use for science. :blobdrool:

@porndisciple from my research, it can slutify any boi easily, so, I can't send it. It's biohazard

@autumn_snow Great kink and great art! You really can make some of the kinkiest prompts still adorable :blobsmilehappyeyes:

I mean hey, if he (well honestly either of them :bloblaugh:) wants any more, I don't mind helping him :blobthinkingsmirk:

@autumn_snow I was just WAITING of this one β™₯️β™₯️

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