@autumn_snow There's always someone tougher and stronger than you..
Also, NEVER beat up That person's little brother..^_^

@DARQ they said every dog has its day 馃槍
mmm maybe this is not its meaning but never mind that

@autumn_snow More like the sad dog now
But im sure his new owner will take good care of him :bloblul:

He just needs some dicking 鉂わ笍

@yaoi32 He will learn to to live with it eventually, I hope 馃槍

@autumn_snow As if "Mad Dog" isn't sexy enough in bully form, especially so agitated (from horniness, it seems 馃槃), when he shows his true animalistic intentions he's gorgeous. I love his meek attitude as well as how hard he tries to give his new master such a good show. In the end I guess he's just one of those dogs who's really pushy about being taken for a walk. Maybe if he's lucky, the new kid will get to rub his new pet's belly鈥 or even let him on the bed. Thanks.

@Allan_Grey He's not that meek or eager to please his owner at first but I guess he will, after learning his place 馃槍

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