Sorry forHop fan. I've done it.
It's a 35 pages R-18 doujin that basically Porn (almost) w/o plot.
(well, I'm not really sorry BTW) :P


*The book from Fantia and Booth are censored version, please consider.

@Littlerager Duuuude! that's harsh. at least say he's a good slut!

@autumn_snow I'm just telling the truth now his the champion of sluts 😂

@Littlerager I'm glad he's top of something, even it's the top of being bottom. Poor boy. :blobsmirk:

Actual spoiler 

@autumn_snow they left Allister there?

Actual spoiler 

@FrenchBread but... but... he seems fine there... Well, actually I think Mr. Rose's sky harem was shut down at the end so..

Actual spoiler 

@autumn_snow That would lead to a different problem now. Allister doesn't have an endless supply of dicks any more. Also, wonderful work on this comic.

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