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Sorry forHop fan. I've done it.
It's a 35 pages R-18 doujin that basically Porn (almost) w/o plot.
(well, I'm not really sorry BTW) :P


*The book from Fantia and Booth are censored version, please consider.

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And so the Havoc Shortstacks encounter their first foes, themselves! Turbo ( @cradle ) and Nightshade ( @BlueAkito ) are pitted against each other by Gamemaster's younger brothers! Who will win?!

Art by @Aogami Thank you so much @BlueAkito !

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down side of being my boi is, sometimes, I intentionally forget to buy him pants.

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shotacon | age-gap | incest 

This is an edit/fix of one my older drawings. Fixed the faces and added a simple background. I left the wonky anatomy tho.

Autumn 1979
I didn't know why but Uncle Tommy's friend parked the car behind the dumpsters. It was already getting dark, but they said it wouldn't take too long. They tried to get me to smoke some of that... wacky grass stuff. They said it would "feel better" if I did.


Mom and Dad were mad that we were late for dinner.

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commission for ShadowOfTheNight

Thank you so much!
You guys maybe can see the content how much I love doing it.

When I was a kid, it's always shirt team vs shirtless team. Some of us flipped the waist of the pants too.

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I didn't forget Gorou's tail. The meanie owner docked it! Believe me!

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I don't usually see leak, but when I see, I've got a crush.

PS. I want to draw him properly but his costume is too difficult so I quit halfway.

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