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Sorry forHop fan. I've done it.
It's a 35 pages R-18 doujin that basically Porn (almost) w/o plot.
(well, I'm not really sorry BTW) :P


*The book from Fantia and Booth are censored version, please consider.

Narancia is not a real shota in the term of age but he has the strongest shota vibe in the series, stronger than the real one like Emporio or Janken boy.

Commission for Takerukun.

Thank you so much!

Actually it was done for a while.

Can't believe I forgot to post it. I was too lazy to censor and resize them...again... so...

Kemono Jihen ep.7 thank you. I was waiting for this shot.

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shotacon | age-gap | incest 

Been a bit since I've drawn anything worth sharing. Inspired by a single image of Calvin's dad shirtless, slim and hairy drawn by Watterson himself. I can't seem to find it tho. I swear, I've read my CnH collection over and over just looking for that single image. Maybe I dreamed it. Well, enjoy Calvin and his dad taking selfies on the bathroom floor. Canonically, Calvin should be making silly faces tho. 😏

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Hit 1K! ✨ Thanks for your support on here, and I'm glad y'all enjoy my content even a little ❤️ :blobhug2:

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