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Sorry forHop fan. I've done it.
It's a 35 pages R-18 doujin that basically Porn (almost) w/o plot.
(well, I'm not really sorry BTW) :P


*The book from Fantia and Booth are censored version, please consider.

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They entered the wrong shop for Halloween costumes and he's too stupid to realize and tried on a black cat costume already

no, the pervy friend said "your virginity is mine only!" and took him to other shop

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Among many shota of Genshin, the wolf boy is the only one unlucky enough coming to my hand, so I think I should bully him a lil. I'd have a good time taming him BTW.

one of the last things I thought I have to draw for a commission is an action pose.

Commission for Devin. Thank you so much!

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V4Xくんと同じでプロセカのレンくんもなんかあんまりえっちな目で見ようという気は起きないというか健全なままでいて欲しいかな…っていう感じがする いやでも描いてますよね…?

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Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite artists ever @autumn_snow .
Here we go! Starting off simple~
Day 1: Fish

I feel like People on Twitter, compared to Baraag user, like it more when the pic is cute or, maybe showing some skin or a lil bit sexy. But Baraag user always go straight to the lewd pic. 😂

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Another one by @autumn_snow

A simple concept at heart, this boy likes getting his dick sucked and his butt licked, what more could a horny catboy ask for? If you find yourself working for him, there might come a time when you and a few others are told to drop everything and give his body some attention, from there, you kinda just do whatever feels right, sometimes it's quite nice to just relax and let others do all the work for once. Do a good enough job, and he might let you swallow some cum

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This is CyberMata aka Mata. I tried to make him wear some pants but he refused, and, you know, nobody controls cats.
He's so proud of his body flexibility. But if you want to try it without his permission, you must beware of his sharp claws.

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#shota #noncon #rape 

Some lovely people did follow up on my 500 followers sale and this is the first comic set to come from that! <3
Commissions are closed for a bit as I get this bundle done. You all are gonna love these though, there are some delicious pairings and kinks headed your way :3
Here's Dipper and Steven given some puppy treatment. I threw in the shows' teens for fun.

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