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Cheri had some homework to do and daddy couldn't hold himself back, but to be honest.. Who could?

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Hey guys! I know I've been making a lot of posts recently, but in the wake of support and new follows I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring.

I've set up a kofi for tips in increments of $2. Currently I'm trying to save up for a new iPad to draw with, as my current iPad is quite old and doesn't hold a charge.

Donate here !

Raccoon teen for a discord mutual

edit:reupload, added missing version

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Another wip from halloween I was gonna finish for @apis but didn't pan out yet :blobshrug:

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When your demon/pet younger sister can change size ๐Ÿ‘€

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Val with Rurik Facial
Last month's Draw request

DEC Draw requests up on fanbox now!!! JOIN NOW!

Isabelle just loves her brother's ass, and Digby loves having it pounded by his sister. This would be the talk of the town if it ever got out!

There's no way the coach let that slip, she must have bragged to dad about it.. He probably didn't like that..

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1. Turn yourself into the humans
2. Cosplay as yourself at sleazy establishment
3. ....

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