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Does anyone here who does 3D work do commissions for editing naughty bits onto a pre-existing model? I have a lovely custom model, but he's some anatomy added before I can play with her in some poses.

@Senka i think there was an interview with someone who worked under him. Miyazaki got drunk with them after work and said something like "What's wrong with falling in love with a 12 year old?" it's pretty dubious evidence tbh, but i saw it on /a/ so it must be true.

@Senka i thought i read the movie was meant to have hidden underlying themes about the problem of child prostitution in Japan, or something like that. with that said, Miyazaki has been known to drunkenly declare his love for lolis.

@GeroGyaru it's symbolism for how you must always bear the consequences of your actions

@Madfan Yes, I do remember that. Once upon a time, he said that if his Patreon enabled him to not have to rely on advertiser revenue, he would consider allowing it again. That was a couple years ago he said that. Not sure what his feelings are now.

Gelbooru's host is pressuring them to delete something on their site lol! Dunno which pic has their panties in a bunch, but the admin isn't taking it quietly.

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I challenged myself to draw something really perverted and lewd. Did I succeed? (โ—‰-โ—‰)

@GeroGyaru I haven't played the game since 2013, so my memory is a bit foggy. I don't recall the game delving into anything bloody or gory (their previous game, RyonaRPG did). I don't remember exactly how violent things got, but I think your player character (and other characters in the game you might care about) get subjected to beatings in a scene or two. I don't recall it happening often, but I think content like that existed in the game.

@GeroGyaru The game itself was made in RPGmaker, but instead of turn based rpg battles, you would fight monsters on the overworld in real-time. In the two main city hubs there are lots of events and scenes you can trigger, quests to take, etc.

CWs include rape, sexual abuse of children, bestiality, pregnancy content, to start off with, but there's more than that. I'm not a huge fan of violent content, and there were parts that definitely made me cringe. It might not be a game for everyone.

@GeroGyaru I still don't know what kind of sorcery Violated Heroine used to make a fun, functional action rpg out of the rpgmaker engine. That's the first game that came to mind when I read your post. I do remember enjoying it a lot and poking my nose in every corner, talking to every npc, wanting to discover everything the game had to offer.

I saw this elsewhere and thought I'd share it here. It's a guide for artists who are being targeted with a call-out/harassment campaign.

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So, we are starting on a much bigger project thanks to the funding and base ideas of a very nice commissioner. The problem is that it's too costly so we are crowd funding it! For every 100 raised we will do another page.

Art by Soulcentinel.
Feel free to use that link to send any money, just put a "IsaB" in the comment section.

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One last part with these two, I do like seeing the little guy in charge heh.

Made together with Soulcentinel

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Second part of some stuff with Luz.
I do like to imagine Demons taste somewhat... unique.

Made together with Soulcentinel

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Did some bits with Luz from Owl house, this is part one.

Made by Soulcentinel

@speedy05 julay is pretty unstable right now, so everyone might as well settle into our new home.

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This is not a drill nor a joke. We're on the verge to getting tor'd for the rest of our time on (aka spqrchan) Back up everything you can, and migrate to (where Lincoln is on board)

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็ŠฌใฎใŠๅทกใ‚Šใ•ใ‚“ใจ่ฟทๅญใฎใซใ‚ƒใ‚“ใ“ | ็Ž–็‚ใคใ‹ใ• #pixiv

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