Patreon has gone full pantsu-on-head stupid with its recent crackdowns on artists, claiming people left and right of drawing "underage characters" due to their artistic style.

Having seen Patreon's poor treatment of actual loli/shota artists for quite some time, I can't help but feel these latest crackdowns will be a good thing. Many artists are being alienated from a platform that has always been abusive and uncaring towards them.

Maybe now we can migrate to services that WANT our patronage?


I say this as a "consumer" of sorts, a "patron" who is unwilling to support a company that is so abusive and predatory towards the artists I care about and want to support.

I'm sorry the shaky foundation you built your support on is crumbling beneath you. I know these crackdowns will hurt artists. I just want everyone to come out of it stronger. I want you to be able to rely on services that don't treat you like dogshit!

You deserve better!

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