Scarlet and her Son? Sequence
With Vaginal and anal cum inflation endings ^^
This is a sequence commissioned by anonymous featuring a captured scarlet from the ff7 remake. Captive of the evil scientist Hojo, what evil experiments will be run here ?!
Incest and cum inflation to name a few :P

Angel The Special Caregiver
One of my top clients from last year earned a birthday gift from me, hope you enjoy <3

The smol one there is based on a meme, special gals need lots of love and care, and Angel's babysitting service delivers~

Sheba has a fat ass
Been playing a lot of Golden Sun lately and she REALLY throws that ass out when she casts spells!

Special Baby Butt
Gift for one of my top clients, fat bab butt. girl is based on a meme

Ylkie Raver New Years
Ylkie as a slightly older raver chick, happy new years~ (Now with experimental alternate skin tones did super quick)

@angelDX Olivia's diaper is bloated with semen and birthing fluid. Babies having babies, what a doesn't happen more often.

Chihiro's New Secret 1
Another semi-slow day at work so I started sketching an idea i had a whole back, found more time and lined it, so now this is here!

Chi wakes up to some huge changes that she is not ready for! how will Chi deal with this? Find out next time~

Ylkie misses her mama when shes at work. Sometimes she crawls around looking for her. The more horny she gets, the fatter her tits and ass become. When Angel finally comes home she has a huge cute baby to calm down. But after a long day at work, theres nothing that relieves stress better than clapping those fat baby cheeks~ @punished_angel

Olivia Giving
Heartless Olivia managed to acquire some of her Auntie's baby batter at some point and now its time for the baby!

This is a commission for Xander, thanks for Commissioning me!

Quickie Art trade done with @ungatox3 AKA toyhentai featuring their gal: See their part here:
That was fun to do, neither of us had a prompt so i guess the common theme was "bondage" :P

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