Speaking of shota, I'm prefer older shotas (aged 10-14) because I can't restrain myself from drawing big dicks and pubic hair. I also like handsome faces instead of cute faces. I drew a very young Boruto the other day because I wanted to try and do something I'd never done before. I figured, it's also a good practice, so there's chance I will do that again in the future

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@alterinku as someone who absolutely loves big dicks and pubic hair (and musky boys) myself, I strongly sympathize and agree

@alterinku im into that 12-14 range myself, not just bc of cute pubes but also bc i feel like thats just the peak horndog stage

@alterinku for me my fav age range is 8-12 though I don’t mind if they are younger or slightly older like 14. I prefer the chubby variety myself.

@alterinku I didn't know you liked shotacon at all, I feel so blessed lmao
That age range is the best one really, but as much as I love handsome and hairy dudes, cuteness is definitely my weak point haha
Amazing work as always, your coloring is incomparable!

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