@allcharacters18 "anything but the mouth is jailtime" but surely rectal insertions is a legitimate means to feed one's own child, right?😏

@Macfuffin @allcharacters18
Indeed, after all, isn't the rectum known for being capable of absorbing nutrients? If that wasn't true it would't be used as a route of administration for medication... THEREFORE; the ass is fine for fuc-*AHEM* I mean feeding, yeah.

@yoruchii @allcharacters18 also let's not forget that kids at such a young age have alot of energy to burn off, stimulation of the genitals is an known method for expending lots of stamina, and since the female vulva is evolutionarily designed to be stimulated by penetration; well, it would just be good a good idea for a young girls health for theit father to insert his massive co-er member into their callow cun.. ahem genitals, and thoroughly sha-"stimulate" their child until worn out.

@allcharacters18 Thank you, I'm trying to make a career of it, though now I just noticed a word repeat and a misspell😤

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