Rise and shine, little redhead! It's a beautiful sunday and the perfect weather to play all day. ✨

As the first rays of sunlight come through the window and kiss her soft and gentle skin, her cute smile fills the room with radiant energy. Is it heaven?
Such an invite for cuddles will make it impossible to leave the bed. 💕

Hey, time to wake up already! Or you wanna stay a little while? ❤️

Fresh version~
Just a cute and innocent scene to brighten the day. 🌼

A lovely girl at the countryside with a lovely green dress, and a little green friend. They match colors!
I think I'll do some more country girls chilling in nature and cottages in the future, hope you don't mind. 🌻

64! That's a nice number, ultra64! Now I gotta do something special.

Holidays 2021, pic I did for the season not long ago. Also my first illustration of the year.

I was gonna buy one sooner or later since I've been using the site more lately but this makes things easier xD

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So I won a full year of pixiv premium, now I can finally replace a couple drawings with their fixed versions :blobcheeky:

I thought of doing a girl cosplaying a cupid/cherub would be a nice idea for this month on fanbox, but all I have right now are a bunch of rough sketches and this more polished one. I kinda got inspired by some old vintage cards. Happy valentines anyways, even if it's too late or you're alone like me, there's love in art.

I don't have many valentines artworks, so even if it's too late I maybe should do something at least for the aesthetics. And maybe I'm already on it.

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