well... this drawing was supposed to be for new years, but it was late and I've only put it up until now. But anyway, here I leave the most incestuous family on the internet dressed (at least Chloe and Susan) as my characters that I make their comic Maya and Ivana.
but going back to school from -CENSORED- will leave me out of the drawing for a long time. so there is only this week left to take advantage of, and say that I wish a good ending for LS and with his new projects.

Okeay gentlemen, I was planning to put up a new fanart lovin Sis, but it could not be done, anyway wish you all a good year and have a good time.

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Follow The Recipe: The Creature

And so we come to the finale for this year's presentation.

As per usual, my thanks go to
@TateDGibbs and @NPCBurner and now... let's have this cursed season come to an end!


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@xierra099 I hope it shows, because I was falling asleep.
This is how I imagine, the end of LS. all in an orgy and then valerie with chloe, susan and nichole married. and ... thomas and mary joined the party. at least that's how I imagine it.

PS: my OC's are observers. Skull lost his fear and liked me.
Alex ... couldn't finish processing what's in front of him.

@xierra099 Ok, this is wrong on me. It was supposed that I was going to publish this on October 1, but I could not. Little time I had ... but good.
Lovin Combat, would be a rare combination with Madness Combat. And it may be the first and the only time I do that to MC.
Yes, it was not the best thing I did but I'll see if I improve it on digital.

a comic he was doing, both in English and Spanish. at least to be able to finish it.

cover and page 1

Yaiku Languaje Alien

This language can only be read by those who open their mind to what cannot be seen.

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So here's my 1st comic commish about Lovin' Sis, which was done by @xierra099 herself

Beside the page about non-canon thingy, which was done by me

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Page 228!
Just a couple of loving sisters having some chill bonding time over mutual interests.

Had no idea what to do for a stinger so, have an afterglow pic.

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Page 222!
Stranger danger!

Yeah I'm gonna update on Sunday.
What are YOU gonna do about it?

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