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Commission for @AyaneStar
of his girl Ayane (the dark elf), and Pancake (someone else's OC)

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from tonight's stream!
i forgot to share the notice in advance 😭 but vod is here~

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Last drawing of 2021.

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you have a great time and a wonderful 2022.

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cele commission for a fanbox supporter 🐭good morning~🐻
had so much fun with this!

hirez + timelapse + various alts available in most recent rewards folder!

💛 support me:

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Happy Holidays!

This is the illustration for the 1k giveaway winner (on twitter)

"Nero and Mika with santa costumes giving a footjob with angry/disgusted faces"

Illustration commission from an anonymous client.

My OC Mika in a very nice dress 😭

Thank you for making me draw her!

I will be opening 5 commission slots for the month of December, first come first serve. Slots won't be taken until both parties agree.

If you don't make it in, you can enter a wait list.

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