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EMERGENCY NOTICE: If you're a NSFW artist on Twitter, please read the following resources about SISEA and do what you can to help fight it. Even if you live outside the US, you're not safe from this bill.

Calvert is a prince of a small kingdom that is poor and in need of a steady line of heirs to keep their sovereignty.

As such, Calvert's father wants him to start rather young to ensure a healthy line.

Seems this suitress has taken quite the liking to the young royal boy.

Art by @Applalt

~Mary Lou Cockshocked~

Amber's cousin Mary Lou has a naughty little secret. Sometimes the neighbors see her saunter into the barn and not come out for hours...

Nasty version on SS/Fanbox

(public in 30 days)

Beach Week -- part 2 of 6.

Fiona features here for some beach sex. I'm trapped.

But she better watch out for the waves... 😈

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