[NSFW] 2022SEP21 "Powerpuff Cuddling" doodle
Powerpuff girls spending quality time cuddling with their daddy.

@ac120 Oh that's beautiful work. It's always nice for a dad to spend time with his daughters

Will you consider doing more?

@Ashmount I am always considering drawing more, although I am hesitant to make any promises, but I do enjoy finding inspiration when people share their ideas about the subject I was working on.

@ac120 Well I was thinking the Powerpuffs would represent an aspect of someone in the Professor's past life. Like he had a wife. Hence why they're made. But as he's with them does he express his love for his wife though each of them, or accepts that she’s gone & find new love in his daughters? Remain in the past or move forward to the future. Here he finally moves on & thinks of a future with the girls, who wish to share their love for him

The 5 stages of grief through them until he loves again

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