Satchel, Betaman and Helga.
"Obscene Friends"

Just some of my OCs


A comic of ladies of his harem. Originally I was just drawing the picture where all the girls are lining up, but someone was curious about how that came about so it got my noggin jogging. It turn into some concept about having a harem I ended up wanting to explore. To be continued.

2019NOV12 a comic about magical girl harems. this one took a bit longer then I had hoped. I broken up a page and work on its components individually so it fits better with image set format.
I don't see too many fiction that deal with formation of actual harem, there are some consequences I would like to explore.

2019NOV18 part 9.

For something that I had been marking for sensitive it isn't too lewd, just some casual nudity. let me change that up with a sex scene... or beginning of one.

I am putting coloring on this one to see if reads better. I am making this a sort of milk hunter x steven universe.


2019DEC02 part 10.
Magical girl harem comic.
This part ended up taking over two weeks, because I wanted to step up my quality a little bit to see if there were more engagement. Although I've always been disappointed by such attempt, I could never predict what got people talking in the end. I am still brain storming the next part of their conversations.

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