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Satchel, Betaman and Helga.
"Obscene Friends"

Just some of my OCs

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2019NOV12 a comic about magical girl harems. this one took a bit longer then I had hoped. I broken up a page and work on its components individually so it fits better with image set format.
I don't see too many fiction that deal with formation of actual harem, there are some consequences I would like to explore.

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Now available for all: Into The Spiderverse's Peni Parker, as commissioned by @Oversleeper.

Full resolution available for patrons only.


A comic of ladies of his harem. Originally I was just drawing the picture where all the girls are lining up, but someone was curious about how that came about so it got my noggin jogging. It turn into some concept about having a harem I ended up wanting to explore. To be continued.

More NSFW NaruSara drawing, base on suggestion on /a/. Although some of these reqs are going into /h/ territory. They are based on a NaruHina doujinshi someone linked, I don't have the link on hand though.

Some Grievous-Tan x Obi-Wan Kenobi (?) drawings I did this and last week. I finally got enough to put together a 4 image set I hope people will enjoy it here too

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"Lets do Lewd things" with Rococo Feathersworth

Rococo is my OC. Although I haven't been drawing too many lewd of her.

In 2014, I started doing a series of 10 image set illustration on tumblr back when it was allowed where you make intimate first person interaction between the viewer and a character. I mainly did Nichijou Characters. Speaking of which I really should upload it here once i compile it.

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Nichijou's Main Girls Nude Pin-up... Kinda. They are just sort of standing around, doing ok hand gestures.

The goal is to be somewhat constrained in the way figures are articulated and shaded. Although to be honest I kind of got a little lazy as I go. I don't know how to remedy this problem.

girls, kinda lewd but clothed. , , , .

I don't know why I have been having a rough time finish drawing recently. So I am trying to post some rough drawings. I might do a nude version of these down the line when I color them, but work and life's been kind of crazy right now. -w-;;

Touma and Wives. I like harems. The dirtier the more immoral it is, the better. That's the kind of taste in porn I have. The thread is going to base on the premise that he married all of them and had children. I don't think I posted this here. I'd draw all of them but I do have a particular preference for Kuroko, because she is just the kind of scheming girl I like. My favorite would be a cross between her and Momo from To-Love-Ru Darkness that's in love with MC.

Well, what do you know, panda is stronk. GIVE ME BACK MY CONCERN YOU SONOVA-

Welp, there goes my oban gallery on sad panda, now I gotta start considering some alternatives.

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