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Satchel, Betaman and Helga.
"Obscene Friends"

Just some of my OCs

thicc "Clara"
Rule 63 Clark Kent, for my series of rule 63 relating to my worldsfinestotp

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Whatever the format, we'll bring it back.

Someone requested thicc harley quinn in my ask on tumblr.

2020SEP10 NSFW
animated doodle of "Molly" from Oban Star Racer being fucked. Someone suggested to me to try out the animation features of ClipStudio Paint.

I don't have any knowledge about animation so I really don't know hot fix the timing on this thing, but just an interesting experiment.

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2020JUL29 NSFW "Weeb Girls" Triple BlowJob
- Birch Small from "my life me"
- Serenity Harper from "Bad girl in town"
- Rosemary from "High Guardian Spice"

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2020JUL04 Super NSFW "Lord Seven's Prerogative" Set 5 (Himawari) and Poll.

This set has a bit of Himawari focus, so its kind of a baraag exclusive, since I really can't post on some of the other platforms. Like the previous sets, tell me which ones you like the best.

Suggest other Naruto characters to draw, and situations, because coming up with stuff to do is probably the most time consuming part of doing something like this.

Although most of them I will be drawing fucking Naruto though..

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2020JUL02 Super NSFW "Lord seven's Prerogatives" Thumbnails Sketches for narusara , boruto x fem-sasuke, hinata x naruto and chocho x naruto

This is kind of how polls will be done, if I were to ever open patreon, but maybe not so extensive because it is time consuming to come up with ideas.

feel free to express interest in the ones you like, they are labeled and if people like specific ones I might develop them more.

You can identify them by set like 1-A or 2-B or something like that.

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2020JUN27 More NSFW Narusara

These are all technically old doodles, but I had just recently finish coloring them, so I thought I'd post them up.

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2020JUN26 More NSFW NaruSara stuff. A lot are coloring of old doodles.

Once I have enough images on each subjects I am planning on making a gallery either on sadpand or pixiv.

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2020JUN24 NSFW Naruto and Himawari

Postcoital cuddle drawing inked and colored.

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NSFW Boruto and Fem-Sauske Nursing handjob...
I meant to said Boruto and Fem Sasuke, not naruto in the last post. lol

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My Life Me Drawings Part 5
NSFW drawing of Birch Small from a Canadian cartoon called "My Life Me"
I am trying to avoid uploading duplicates.

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2020APR30 NSFW

Betaman and Helga hitting the shower to have sex, with Satchel tagging along, wanting more. I think there are too much Satchel in this set, I will probably need to make more helga stuff.

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