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Satchel, Betaman and Helga.
"Obscene Friends"

Just some of my OCs

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I watch Mushoku Tensei, and I love all female characters so far... good❤
#pawoo人増えたし自己紹介しようぜ #リーリャ #メイド #おっぱい

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:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada
Final part of Back Alley fellatio image set. I haven't plan the follow up yet, but there has been some strong suggestions.

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2020DEC25 NSFW Serenity Harper image for 4chan's /co/ thread storytime... although I probably won't be able to participate this year.

Merry Christmas , everyone.

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:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada back alley fellatio image set. I've actually completed the set and it was uploaded to SadPanda.

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NSFW :r18_comic: :over18: Oban Star Racer Fan Comic 13-16

Page 14 was initially the very first image of this project when I first start drawing it about 5 years ago (?). I started working forward and backwards in order to give things a bit more context. I made a lot of misc drawings until I got enough to rearrange its into comic form. I started redraw everything so they are more consistent in quality this year. Up to 40 pages has been completed. There are 72 page in total so far.

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:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada back alley Fellatio sequence colored and separated out as individual images. They are drawn directly on the thumbnail page so the native resolution is very small, only about 1400 pixels in height. Its not really possible to go into finer details in such small resolutions unless you want to use fuzzy lines, but they give less control when you are coloring.

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NSFW :over18: Oban Star Racer Fan Comic
Page 9-12

There isn't any dialogues in these pages. While I have a general idea of what they should be saying, but I am just not very good at writing characters teasing and flirting.

Its also based on a scene that only appeared in the concept arts, I think, that Rick pinned Molly to the wall in a fit of rage because he found out that he won't be able to race again due to his injuries. I can't find that scene when I try going back to the show.

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NSFW 😂 (?) Oban Star Racer Fan Comic
Page 5-8

Technically these initial set pages are SFW, there is no nudity or sex in them.

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NSFW Oban Star Racer Fan Comic
Page 1-4

Technically, I have been working on this project on and off for a few years now, but I recently decided to start uniting the disparate pages and doodles together into a more coherent format. Its been chucking along for the better part of 2020 because basically I was stuck at home all the time.

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Would you like to get a pinup commission or a comic page prepared by me? Support me on:
And get my porn games first release ASAP! Vote on polls and make the games flow in the way you like!

:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada drawing, extending some of the image set in the sadpanda gallery. Doing additional revisions as well.

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