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Satchel, Betaman and Helga.
"Obscene Friends"

Just some of my OCs

NSFW drawings
Request on /h/ , Kiyal from gurren lagann.

Some doodle Kuroko Shirai from Railgun

/h/ request: Tesla Magnet from Megaman Battle Network.

/ic/ YSMS doodles

More Molly stuff, although first two are a rework of an older page. 4th image is rework of the 3rd.

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My life Me drawings Part 4
Last post for the day, I was looking at my home timeline but not local timeline, sorry for the flood. >w<;;

My Life Me Drawings Part 2

Its a obscure Canadian cartoon show that uses manga as one of its motifs.

Ace and Wattson /h/ request,
they are actually apparently married couple in the cannon. :o

Watatsuki no Request
"Watatsuki no Toyohime walking in on Watatsuki no Yorihime getting impregnated."

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Gift Wrapped Serenity Colored from a couple of days ago.

Some more thing from the same Christian Comic. Now I know I can put it in the same thread.

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